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Famous People: Queen Elizabeth II, C.A. Lindbergh, Beethoven and Marilyn Monroe

As always, the Tiger is a born leader and who is always willing to take risks. They have magnetic personalities and charm other easily. According to an old Chinese legend, people born in the day will have a turbulent life exposed to dangers than those born at night in the Year of the Tiger. Tiger statues make great decoration pieces and also have Chinese symbolisms attached such as Tiger is an emblem of protection from fires, evil spirits and buglers. The Chinese Zodiac animals tend to disclose the personality traits of individuals born in that year. Here are a few interesting things about the Tiger:

Positive traits

Tiger can influence people, works hard and has an inherent attitude of enthusiasm and efficiency. These individuals are courageous, warm and protective of their families. Tiger is overly romantic and can go all the way to love unconditionally. Warm hearted, generous and bold, they are naturally appealing and can charm their way easily.

Those born under the Year of the Tiger are extremely loyal friends but expect the same loyalty in return. Tiger is a symbol of power, inspiration and courage in Chinese Zodiac and they tend to inspire with a dynamic character. Tiger is frank and speaks out his/her mind, standing up for rights. They are very social, kind and very loving. In a relationship, Tiger will try to make the relationship meaningful and fulfilling. With age, tiger settles down but when young, they are free spirited with a youthful attitude.

Negative Traits

Though a Tiger has a multitude of good points, there are a few negative points that should be pointed out. Tigers are unpredictable and tense as they are in a hurry to get everything done. Due to their dominating personality, they are better working on their work than under an authority. Though the Tiger is warm hearted and loving, they show ferocious characteristics in time of danger. Tigers love challenges but its best not to ruffle then unnecessarily as they put up a good fight. They do not love money but if they do not have enough, tension arises. In youth, Tiger is a flirt and risks relationships but with age settles down to family life. When backed into corners, see the tiger claws unfold. They are liberal, outspoken, detest authority and sometimes, make rash decisions.

Sign Compatibility

For love, Tiger is beautifully compatible with Horse, Dragon, Monkey, Rat, Snake, Pig and Dog. They also get along to a lesser degree with the Boar, but never with the Rabbit. Tiger is known to be compatible with a Tiger and to some extend the Rooster but they do not get along with Rabbit, Ox and Sheep. It is best to avoid the Ox as Tiger and Ox are similar in respect to being leaders in both strength and charm.

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