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Year of the Snake: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2015, 2037, 2049 and more

Famous People: Audrey Hepburn, Brook Shields, Picasso and Jackie Onassis.

The Snake has been an important part of all myths from the Hindu mythology to the Christian. But in the Chinese Zodiac Snake holds a key position of an interesting person, a great seducer, charming and a social person. Snake is known for his charisma and strength in the Zodiac calendar. Though the Snake has loads of positive attitude, they are prone to dominate in relationships. They are mystical and remain committed to their belief systems.

Positive traits

With an intense charming personality, people born under this sign are easy to love. A deep thinker, true friend, reliable and great at making irresistible first impressions, make the Snake popular. They have an uncanny sixth sense and are highly intuitive.

With finances, Snake is lucky though they are generous with their loved ones. It si careful with money matters and do not take undue risks. With a philosophical bent of mind, Snake has a lot of wisdom, but to feel secure they need constant reassurance and approval. For love, the Snake is a very loving and caring companion while the women born under this sign are highly successful in their careers. Usually they do well in business as they are shrewd in their deals. They confront a problem and think well to find the most apt solution. With a high discipline and self confidence, the Snake does well in all fields. When they make a committed business decision, the project is completed as nothing stands in the way of their true belief.

Negative Traits

Even though Snake have good characteristics, they are frugal even they have usually have plenty. They tend to exaggerate about things and even though they are generous, they like to feel in control. Though they d not lie often, but when they do, they are big liars. To save face, they will do anything. Another negative aspect is that they are self indulgent and lazy. Due to these facts, they should avoid taking risks.

Sign Compatibility

With high energy and confidence, the zodiacs that best compliment the Snake are Ox, Horse, Rooster, Dog and Sheep. Other animals that can share a cordial relationship are Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon and Rat. At any cost avoid the Monkey or even another Snake.

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