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Born under the Sheep zodiac, people are creative and most of them are very attracted to theater, performing arts and fine arts. They have an inherent attraction towards anything beautiful and exquisite. Known to be practical and intuitive, Sheep have a knack of keeping a beautiful appearance, home and work area. Sheep always takes the right path instinctively and in Japanese this special sense is called ‘Shoku Jui’, for which the Sheep is highly respected. Sheep is practical with a good ability to work through problems. When it comes to romance, the females like to marry or date a rich man

Positive traits

Amongst all the Chinese Zodiac animals, Sheep is the most talented. They are artistic, creative, loves nature and extremely charming. One of the most positive signs of the Sheep is that they are very refined, delicate and have genteel manners. Due to their natural charming personality and attitude, Sheep are popular and respected wildly by their peer. Sheep is good natured and very romantic within a relationship but have traces of laziness and dominating nature. In a career, Sheep goes with the flow offering little resistance and encountering little problems. They are generally easy going and relaxed, much respected for being nice individuals.

Unassuming, fiercely loyal and whimsical, Sheep usually does not get wealthy by their hard work so they are always attracted to wealthy people. A unique fact about Sheep is that sometimes, they remain single unless they find a wealthy mate. Simple and popular, Sheep is good natured with high intelligence and creative abilities.

Amongst the career pursuits, Sheep are good at writing, sculpting, painting and some even take to astrology, tarot card reading and dealing in books. If they are determined, Sheep are good at business but to come to the top, is difficult for them. Instead, they look for a rich mate so that they can live a life of luxury.

Negative Traits

Although Sheep is a well rounded personality but the main negative trait is that they are insecure and have the need to be assured of love, acceptance and protection. They are sweet, loving and very practical but when it comes to handling tough decision making situations, Sheep stands back as they cannot handle tough situations well.

Sheep are also dreamers but have tendencies to be a worrier, anxious and pessimist with the trait of indecisiveness. They are on the lazy side and don’t want to work hard to earn, prefer to marry a rich person instead. Such individuals are very particular about their appearance and looks, making efforts to look good.

Sign Compatibility

Though Sheep is an easy going personality, they complement well with the Pig, Rabbit and Horse. Other signs that work well with Sheep are Dragon, Snake and Monkey. The main conflicting Zodiac signs are Rat, Ox, another Sheep and Rooster.

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