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Year of the Rooster: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029, 2041, 2053 and more

Famous People: Confucius, Katherine Hepburn and Raymond Oliver.

For the Rooster, there is only black or white, no grey when they view the world. They make an opinion about a person right on meeting them and that image never changes. On a romantic note, they are highly passionate with a high sex drive and are completely honest. They are especially known to speak their mind without tact and are often labelled blunt or outspoken. Rooster is a dreamer, with a constant thought process of the future, past and hypothetical situations.

Rooster does not wear his emotions on the face and are known to be secretive about their relationships. It is extremely rare to find a Rooster cheating in a relationship as they are very devoted. Basically, with a Rooster, you know what you see is the real person as they have no pretence but are completely honest individuals.

Positive traits

Rooster is observant and can quickly size up situations very accurately. It is known that people born under the Rooster sign have a very high intuitive sixth sense. Though they may dress up flashy or trendy, Rooster is a conservative at heart. They like to look at themselves in the mirror and admire or go on long shopping sprees. While they shell out money on shoes and clothes, they are smart shoppers and go in for great bargains.

They are known for entertaining and are ideal hosts. Not only are they extremely efficient hosts but is one of the best organizers of any social event. If you want a party to be flawlessly arranged, give the responsibility to a rooster. As friends, Roosters are very loyal and devoted, believing in keeping all promises. Rooster is a great organizer, who believe in leading refined lives, keeping a tidy house and take well measured decisions after processing all facts properly.

Self assured, hard working, talented, courageous and resourceful Rooster is a contagious personality. They are very social, good talkers and are able to strike a conversation with anyone, anytime.

Negative Traits

One of the most negative aspects of the Rooster personality is the day dreaming ability but the problem arises that these dreams cannot be achieved. Due to unfulfilled dreams and aspirations, the Rooster is frustrated and disappointed as they cannot achieve the things they wanted. They become very dominant, if attention is not given to them. Rooster sign has a vain streak which loves to boast. They are too blunt and do not mince words, which sometimes can hurt others. Though being outspoken can be a good thing, it is very apparent in the Rooster.
Rooster cannot relax and with the mind constantly on the move it is just not possible for them to relax.

Sign Compatibility

Rooster gets on very well with the Dragon, Ox, Snake, Monkey, Rat, Dog and Pig while the Horse, Rabbit and Tiger are tolerated within limits. The bad combinations include another Rooster and Sheep.

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