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Famous People: Wolfgang Mozart, Truman Capote, George Washington and William Shakespeare

As per the Chinese Zodiac, Rat is the first animal amongst the 12 animals that complete the 12 year cycle of the Chinese Lunar calendar. There are many legends associated with the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals and how the Rat was chosen to be the first one. According to the legend, the chosen animals had a dispute as to who was to be the first one and Lord Buddha tried to sort it out. He asked all the animals to assemble on the river bank and the first one to cross over the river, would be the first on the calendar. The clever Rat jumped on the back of the Ox and when it neared the riverbank, quickly leaped and reached the shore. It became the first animal of the Chinese Zodiac and the Ox came in at the second position.

Positive traits

People born under the Year of the Rat show leadership qualities and are often good thinkers. Other positive Rat traits that are prominent include being mentally and physically active, excellent thinkers who have a creative imagination. They are also busy individuals with a charming personality, generous and loving by nature. Rats are considered opportunists and inherently optimistic.

People who come under the Chinese Year of the Rat respect themselves and other people for what they are. They are intuitive with problem solving abilities and are able to face any situation that needs remarkable intelligence and confidence. Rats love to travel and are interested in new things with an inquisitive mind. Other positive characteristics include being very expressive and talkative while at a social gathering or party, Rat brings in gaiety, excitement and fun with the ability to mingle with everyone.

Rat is highly respected for managing life with panache and ease. They have a quick wit that makes them attractive to others. Rat is usually successful in everything that they do as they have a good instinct and confidence. Good organizational skills and talent gives them a better business sense.

Negative Traits

Apart from the innumerable positive traits that the Rat is endowed with, quick temper is a major failing of the Chinese Rat zodiac. It is a known fact that Rat is also over critical of the others behaviours and comparatively close minded or narrow minded thinking. They often take unmeasured risks, without thinking about the consequences just for the love of thrills and impatience. They do not make close friends but just mere acquaintances and can be selfish at times. This Chinese Zodiac is not romantic and tends to lean towards no fuss relationships.

Sign Compatibility

Best compatibility of the Rat is with the Dragon, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Tiger and Ox. The Rooster and the Rat can have a good relationship but marked with conflicts, depending on the two individuals. It is also known that Rat and Rabbit should avoid a relationship, but sometimes it works out fine. The Snake and the Rat may avoid each other but can be best of friends. However, the Horse and sheep should be best avoided.

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