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Year of the Rabbit: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2003, 2036, 2047 and more

Famous People: Napoleon Bonaparte, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein and Walt Whitman.

Rabbit is the most delicate of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. As in real life, Rabbits are sweet, delicate, friendly and popular. By nature, they are creative and life in well decorated homes and like to dress well. It is one of the happiest signs

Positive traits

Rabbit is a happy individual who are extremely friendly and social. Rabbit is the happiest sign in the Chinese Zodiac and are highly creative with an artistic flair. People born under this sign are non-provoking and serene living a peaceful life. They are successful in their careers with little turbulence of any kind. Due to their peace loving nature, they have great relationships. While being kind, generous and very loyal to their partners, they have a good life. Basically, Rabbits hate conflicts and prefer walking away from any fight than facing it squarely. The main positive signs associated with Rabbit include sensitivity, wit, very social, refinement and dignity.

Though one of the small animals, Rabbit may seem to be insignificant but has a complete personality. Rabbit contributes more than its share in keeping relationships, at work and in love. As persons born under the sign of the Rabbit like to walk away than stay and fight their battles, they remain more contented than their brethren. They may appear to be weak but are mentally stronger than others.

As they have good artistic sense, they do well in Fine arts and performing arts, fashion industry. As they are meticulous, they are usually successful in all that they undertake, taking into focus the advantages and disadvantages of the situation, thus making intelligent decisions.

Negative Traits

As they are peace loving individuals, they don’t fight nor can they handle any kind of traumas. Rabbit tends to be shallow in nature while the women born under this sign can be often self centered. They also tend to be insecure, extra emotional and do not complete what they start to do. Rabbit makes a good partner, but not an excellent family man. They seem to be shrewd, meticulous and overly sensitive. As they hate conflicts, relationships tend to suffer and troubles, so usually the Rabbit marries someone who is balanced.

Sign Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac that complements the Rabbit includes the Ox, Rabbit, Monkey, Dog, Goat, Pig and the Dragon. While its best for the Rabbit to stay away from the Tiger, Rooster and the Rat.

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