Rat | Ox | Rabbit | Dragon | Tiger | Snake | Horse | Sheep | Monkey | Rooster | Pig | DogYear of the Ox: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033 and moreFamous People: Walt Disney Charlie Chaplin, Van Gogh and Bach.Outwitted by the Rat, in the legends, the Ox good naturedly took the second position. The Chinese Zodiac is the Ox, someone well liked by people and nearly everyone enjoys their company..Positive traits of the Ox

As an animal, Ox is one of the strongest and hard working animals amongst the Chinese zodiac animals. The person born under the Year of the OX stands to inspiration and creativity and is a model to others. They have excellent memory and remember names of people effectively. In careers and business, they make good deal closers with a creative knack. Ox is known to be supportive, loyal and trustworthy to close family members and friends. This personality has a strong, confident and persistence that balances the nature of the person.

Most of the Ox lifestyles are based on the year and time of birth but these people are hard working, live by righteous rules, common sense and positive thinking. They are very protective of the family and the Ox will go to extremes to provide a good and happy home. Ox does not wear his emotions and feeling on the sleeves, so they seem to be more practical but have the ability to love steadfast and true. In careers, they are good in business that deals in farming and finances. In professional services, medical, fine arts are the chosen jobs.

Negative Traits of the Ox

Apart from the positive characteristics, the most prominent negative side of the Ox is that they take longer to complete the same work as compared to others. Ox is generally quiet or shy in social settings while otherwise they come across as friendly people. However, they have a sure fire temper which gets aroused fasted by saying or doing something challenging. They do not like the limelight but are a little bossy.
Stubbornness and dominating side of an Ox should be looked out for in a marriage as they tend to walk out from obstacles instead of facing them head on. They are good in committed relationships and shy away from casual dates.

Sign Compatibility

The best Ox combination or compatibility is with Snake, Rooster, Rat, Rabbit, Monkey and Ox. The best of all is the Rabbit as they compliment each other perfectly. The worst combination is with the Tiger, Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Horse.

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