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Famous People: Captain Cook, Leonardo Da Vinci, Julius Caesar and Elizabeth Taylor

Social, witty, loved and clever, are a few words that best describe the Monkey, one of the favorite of the Chinese Zodiac. They are known to be friendly people who have a constant need to be stimulated mentally and socially. Highly curious, they love excitement and entertainment with new experiences. People born under the sign of the Monkey need to be constantly challenged and stimulated even in relationships or become bored. They live for the thrill and there is not a dull moment in their life. Though they love to have fun, when it comes to serious relationships, they feel lost and unstable. Usually people under the Monkey sign have a keen mind, passion and extremely good sense of humor. They like to be mischievous and start something among the people to enjoy the fun as it unfolds.

Positive traits

When they are in a good mood, they display high energy levels while in any situation they are able to find a fun part, so they become a part of any party or social gathering easily and with diplomacy. Likeable and respected, they are good communicators and befriend anyone. They are problem solvers as they listen, analyze well and then look for practical solutions. Another positive aspect of this Chinese Zodiac is that they are eager learners and inquisitive. In friendships, they are very devoted and in love, ardent and impulsive, but if the relationship is not interesting or challenging, they get bored.

When it comes to career, Monkey has a keen interest in making money and so they are interested in working hard, keen at learning new skills and problem solving. Individuals born under the Monkey sign are good in politics, industry and trade. However, they don’t care much about what people think and love to get pleasure by shocking others! Enthusiastic, versatile and with high adaptability, Monkey is also good at business endeavors.

Negative Traits

The positive aspects of the Monkey zodiac are more than the negative but just to mention a few points- Monkey is self centered and sometimes indifferent to what others feel. People born under the sign of the Monkey also show an inherent tendency to get bored easily and have a low threshold for routine activities. They are manipulative as they are sometimes too clever for their boots and often fool people. But they are good at most things and attract friends for life.

Sign Compatibility

Monkey is known to get along well with the Chinese Zodiac signs of Rat, Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Rabbit, Dog, Pig and even another Monkey. Try to avoid the zodiac signs of Snake, Sheep and Horse though.

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