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Famous People: Sigmund Freud, Florence Nightingale, Grace Kelly, Martin Luther King and Christopher Reeves.

The mystical Dragon is ranked high as a noble, in the hierarchy of Chinese Zodiac animals. A natural born leader, Dragon is perfect as a child and a responsible adult. Amongst all the Chinese signs, Dragon is the best year to be born in. Endowed with natural good luck and strength, these individuals are well liked and respected by all. The Dragon is a perfectionist, detailed and very enthusiastic. According to the legends of China, the Dragon holds mystic powers of flying to the Heavens and has the ability to swim in the sea, making it sound invincible.

Positive traits

One of the luckiest years to be born in, the Dragon is known to be extremely artistic, powerful, intuitive and lucky. People born under this sign give sound advice, show enthusiasm for life and are considered influential.

Impressive personality with dynamism makes for an irresistible combination and Dragon is just that. Person born under this sign is extremely determined and when he sets his mind on doing something, he does it and attains high levels of success. The female Dragon is known to have steady suitors and strong relationships. A Dragon radiates self confidence and when he walks in, everyone notices. Dragon is accommodating and flexible enough to suit any situation, if interested. Though they demand attention, they reciprocate more in return. In a relationship, they are devoted to their partners and are happy in a relationship.

Dedicated workers, the Dragon is completely involved in all work that they undertake and complete them once they start. Basically they are winners due to their high intellectual intelligence, hard working and logic. When it comes to business and career, Dragon is good at everything so they are devoted to career, if they are serious about it. They are very successful as they are gifted, willing to learn and intelligent.

Negative Traits

The exuberant energy and power of the Dragon works positively for him but may also become a negative aspect if used often. The intense stubbornness leads to misjudging the actual situation. These individuals suffer from the problem of speaking before thinking and that can cause misunderstandings and other problems. Though Dragon individuals give sound advice they often advice without being asked. Dragon hates being dictated or told what to do that often leads to conflict with authority. This person often gives an impression of being snobbish and who is easily influenced by power and money. Dragon has a hot temper and can be dangerous, if tempted. The dominating nature and short temper are the major faults that mar the otherwise beautiful character of the Dragon.

Sign Compatibility

The Zodiac signs that Dragon gets along best with is the Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Sheep, Snake, Pig, Rooster and the Monkey. The Ox, Horse, Dog and another Dragon do not get along well with the Dragon.

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