Rat | Ox | Rabbit | Dragon | Tiger | Snake | Horse | Sheep | Monkey | Rooster | Pig | DogYear of the Dog: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042, 2054 and moreFamous People: George Gershwin, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Winston Churchill.

Of all the Chinese Zodiac animals, Dog stands for equal justice and rights for all. Such individuals are known for being humanitarians. In many cases, Dog is known to give up their own dreams for others. People who are born under this Zodiac are ambitious, loving and loyal. In relationships and friendships, Dog is known to be fiercely loyal and see through all difficulties. Dog do not take any misdoings and are known to give good advice, generosity and interest in other people’s life.

The Dog is highly respected and most admired amongst the Chinese Zodiac animal. In their youth, the Dog can be a complainer about menial jobs but later become insignificant as they age. The Dog takes everything to heart which is the biggest drawbacks of these people.

Positive traits

Among friends, Dog is a good listener, sincere, faithful and honest who has a positive attitude. They become the pivot point in groups and are very intelligent. Dog has a high sense of duty and are extremely reliable with a high sense of duty towards family and friends. Gossiping is considered unjust by these individuals who believe in respect and duty. If they are in a good mood, the Dog is a great friend but seek a quiet spot when they are crestfallen. When the Dog becomes fearful, you can be in danger! They are great giver and a good friend through all adversaries. When you count on people under the Dog sign, they never

With the attitude of the Dog sign become good educators, doctors, nun, priest and even critics. With complete devotion, hard work and intelligence, the individuals under the Dog sign succeed in nearly all careers. They achieve high respect and success with honesty and integrity but lead simple lives.

Negative Traits

A level thinker, they are great worriers and want to have everything to be equal for everyone. When they are in a bad mood or frustrated, they are snappy with a change in behavior. Dog becomes defensive, when cornered and usually become defensive when cornered. They do not trust easily and are usually on their guard. They tend to have a bossy side because they believe that they are usually right. People under this sign have a difficult time relaxing. They are hard workers who need to be doing things all the time. Dog sign is known to hide his emotions while displays a cynical and sharp tongue sometimes, which make them look as if they are picking at people. Dog needs to be petted and encouraged as they are born pessimists.

Sign Compatibility

It is a unique factor that all signs are compatible with the Dog especially the Horse, Tiger and Pig. There are minor problems that are encountered with other signs, not a problem though.

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