Porcelain figurines are priceless and precious belongings that you should handle with great care after buying them. Porcelain made for figurines isn’t hard as you might think at first; it is very fragile and can break with pressure from just two of your fingers.

With that said, we advise all Meissen porcelain owners to keep their figurines and other goods inside a mantle, curio, china closet, or cabinet, so that not only do they have the least likelihood of breaking, but also they can be protected from dust buildup over time.

If your figurines ever do get dust on them, we are pleased to let you know that there are safe and easy ways to clean them without breaking them or removing their paint. Here is what you should do to properly clean your Meissen porcelain figurines.

Get a table ready.

All figurine cleaning should be done by hand and done at a table. You should always sit in a chair while cleaning a figurine, as standing up can pose a threat to the figurine. If you drop the figurine from a certain height onto the table, there is a very good chance that it might break. With a table, you can clean the figurine more easily and prevent it from dropping.

Remove dust with a hair blower or soft-bristled brush.

Surface dust is dust that is visible on the figurine. You should be able to remove this dust with a hair blower. Direct the hair blower towards all corners and sides of the porcelain to blow off the dust. This should not remove the paint from the figurine.

If you do not have a hair blower, then a brush with soft bristles can also work. Be sure the bristles are soft, as hard bristles can scratch the figurine up and damage it.

Clean thoroughly with a cloth and towel.

If light dusting is simply not enough to make the figurine look cleaner, you can also try to clean the piece with a towel. Place the towel on the table and place the figurine on the towel. If the figurine is knocked over accidentally, it should land gently on the towel.

Next, fill a bowl up with warm water and mild dish detergent. It must be mild so that the colors on the figurine do not run or peel off when cleaning. It is also very important to not use any cleaning solutions that contain ammonia or bleach, as they can permanently tarnish the item. Simply just use the products that we suggest.

Then, get a lint free cloth (not the towel that the figurine is placed on) and submerge in into the water. Use the cloth to carefully clean the figurine so that any and all dirt is removed.

Remove any water and soapy residue as soon as you can after cleaning. If left wet and soapy, water can cause mold to grow on the figurine, as porcelain is a porous material. Mold can damage the figurine and discolor it permanently, so there are no good ways to remove mold on a figurine after it appears.

Get another dry cloth and carefully wipe the figurine clean until dry. Do not use the towel your figurine is placed on to dry it, as its large nature can snag on any irregularly-shaped parts.

With all that said and done, you should have a clean porcelain figurine again that can be returned to where you display or store it. It should look noticeably different when displayed and no damage should be done to it.