Preserved Mammoth’s ivory Mammoth tusk derived from those in the Woolly Mammoth’s altered two upper incisors. The preserved ivory and gold of Mastodon obtained from those in the fossilized remains for wooly mammoths (Mammuthus primigenius), which has been extinct since its last 10,000 years. There are various products on ivory elephant carving. Let’s talk about a few of the products:

The Money Frogs- Legal Mammoth Ivory 

The Money Frogs- Legal Mammoth Ivory

Every mammoth ivory carving sculpture is so detailed that it’s one of -its kind. With such precision, it is impressive; the master carvers catch each entity and element very minutely. Yet, more than that, it’s a product that has sense and dramatic results that stun every customer. Looking at around this mammoth ivory sculpture, you’ll find that the frogs hold and gather what seemed to be a gold coin. Nevertheless, as when the master carver uses that ivory’s de saturated colors to conserve, it’s about the multi-faceted explanation.

The sculpture, the accuracy to which the carver produces this artwork is just awe-inspiring. Yet this decoration is still more critical even without the unique need for mammoth ivory. Because if the sculptor carefully carves the frogs, including their prizes, paying too much attention to frogs’ descriptions and characteristics. Because it is only one pigment, the artist insists on incorporating information to bring texture and character towards this carving. That renders the set must-have. The Product cost is $5,900.00

Mammoth Ivory Jewelry – Dragon Ring

Mammoth Ivory Jewelry - Dragon Ring

It is a beautiful Ivory carving Jewelry giant–Dragon Circle. Mammoth Ivory Jewelry created through top artists. It’s an ivory carving circle of Mammoth made of 100% authentic Mammoth Ivory Tusk. Between 10,000-40,000 years earlier, the legendary woolly Mammoth walked the earth. All over the Arctic regions, including Siberia in Russia, they can find Mammoth ivory tusk. The product is $450.00

Mammoth ivory tusks well secure into the world. In the Learning Center, you may learn something about Mammoth Ivory. Tusk length is only (Wood Stand not showed 33 cm/13 In

Mammoth Erotic Netsuke 

Mammoth Erotic Netsuke

Look at around this finely carved, sexy netsuke. Note the women’s nude body as to when the pulp embraces her all over the waist. Animal imagery plays a significant role in Oriental culture. Its octopus is indeed a romantic icon because it allows love development, but in many netsukes, an octopus may have nine arms instead of 8, which indicates that phallus. Look at around this netsuke shunga with either a common sexual position or a symbolic depiction. See where the roots of the pulp were wound all over the lady’s neck, including back. Just look at the woman’s shape as how she keeps her arms on her foot while she wants to stick to her.

Her hair also colored by hand, and every strand made, so it looks more natural. Liquid colors are used to depict the ivory luster. Its brown highlights on the tentacles of an octopus show noticeable every suction pad. The product cost is $360.00.

There are two holes, one at the middle, a vital aspect of a netsuke, because its utility used as a click or switch. Two cords of silk inserted in the holes to attach from either the obi or sash of the jacket. Currently, the art form is becoming a collectible as a consequence of evolving clothing; the value has lost.

Flower ivory bead necklace

Flower ivory bead necklace

Look at around this designed Flower Ivory Carving 3 millimeters Beads 20′′ Necklace 100 percent Genuine Mammoth ivory necklace. The scale of the beautiful rose plants becomes 48x 29x 10 millimeters. The beads painted in ivory. The craftsman carves both beads. Both products painted naturally.

Every product produced 100%. All the products that we are using naturally painted. The colors from ivory whites to dark brown are all organic shades because the product has extracted over 10,000 years from burial resources from those in the surrounding soil. The price of the product is $450.00

The scale of the product: 20 Inches. (51 cm)

SAMURAI Figurine through Sword Up

SAMURAI Figurine through Sword Up

It is a very high, beautifully carved Samurai figurine–in such a fighting position. Beginning with an exquisite headgear and similarly exotic clothing, you can also see the artist’s sheer skill in carving any such intricate, intricate image. He bears two weapons, one in which he raises one sword above his chest and some other sword in the event. The painter was willing, beyond hesitation, to construct a masterpiece. A solid wooden frame of high quality magnifies that charm of the figurine. BR > Each Mammoth Ivory Action figure was made from Mammoth Ivory Tusk 100 percent authentic. Between 10,000-40,000 years earlier, that prehistoric woolly Mammoth walked the earth. Even all over the Arctic regions, including Siberia, they can find Mammoth ivory tusk.

Mammoth ivory Figurines throughout the world were legal. In the Learning Center, you will read something about Mammoth Ivory. The product cost is $9,990.00

Height wood stands including 53′ Centimeters 20.8

The height which excludes wood stand: 45′ centimeters 17.7′

Height excluding a sword and wood stand: Centimeters 35′ 13.8′ Of


Length: 14 Cm, Height: 53, Width:20 ,