PHOTO: The complete mammoth skeleton on display before it was sold at auction in Lyon, France. (Reuters: Emmanuel Foudrot)


In Lyon, France a 15,000 years old woolly mammoth skeleton was auctioned for 548,000 euros. Composed of 80% original bones which included its massive tusks, the skeleton were assembled painstakingly by Aguttes Auction House. It stands over 11 feet and is about 5.3 meters in length. It was bought by Soprema, a Strasbourg-based construction company. This company deals with Mammouth, a coating product.

According to Eric Mickeler, an art expert, the mammoth from the Ice age has 3 mt. long tusks that weighed over 160 kilograms. As an art expert, he is member of the European Chamber of Expert-Advisors in Fine Art and was of the opinion that the auctioned mammoth skeleton was a very large specimen. Originally unearthed in Siberia 10 years ago, it has been assembled in a position as if it is walking. Prior to being auctioned, the mammoth skeleton was owned by a hunter that had preserved the skeleton at his home.

Although the mammoth skeleton was estimated to be about 450,000 and 490,000 euros, it sold at a much higher cost. As per the statement of the auctioneer Claude Aguttes, who said that the price of the mammoth skeleton was a new high and fetched a record price as compared to 315,000 euros, the last auctioned price.
The CEO of Soprema, businessman Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler, owns the waterproofing company in Strasbourg in France. He said he will be displaying the mammoth skeleton in the lobby of the office as they had enough room. However, the skeleton will be collapsed and delivered by Christmas to his office.

As per the auction house details, this is one of the few prehistoric skeletons that is being legally exported from Russia. The Aguttes Auction House noted that auctions of woolly mammoth skeletons are rare and first complete
skeleton was auctioned and bought in 2006.