Ivory is a material obtained by any animal tooth or tusk which is used for carving. Elephant ivory, however, is usually the most sought after as its size -usually larger pieces- and its texture, soft and even, makes it an ideal material for carving.


Tooth and tusk ivory can be shaped into a large variety of shapes and objects. Examples of contemporary carved ivory items are okimono, netsuke, jewelry, flatware handles, furniture inlays, and piano keys.


Throughout history various animals were hunted for ivory; the Vikings used whalebone plaque, elephants in India were hunted in Roman times while from the 18th century the sub-Saharan elephant became the main source of ivory. In early medieval Northern Europe, walrus ivory was a common commodity. In Siberia and Arctic North America, mammoth tusks were recovered from permafrost and used, this was highly common in the 19th century. Sperm whale teeth are another source.


Prior to the ban on ivory trade Antique ivory carvings for sale could include Greek and Roman ivory carvings such as religious objects, and decorative boxes. By the 18th century China had created a large trade of such carvings to European countries; Chinese craftsmen used ivory to create a large variety of objects including from images of Gods to pieces of opium pipes. Japanese ivory was traditionally used to create small objects such as antique ivory netsuke or inlays for sword-fittings.


Antique ivory carvings for sale


Due to the ban on ivory trade, the only Antique ivory carvings for sale available legally are those created by mammoth ivory. The rarity of these  Antique ivory carvings for sale have led to the consideration of such items as a symbol of wealth and status.


Other than the rarity of the antique ivory figurines, they are extremely valuable as they are all hand-made. The creation of all mammoth ivory figurines have been created by highly skilled craftsmen who create figurines and antique ivory netsuke with the ability to properly polish and shape the ivory in a precise manner.

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