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Since antiquity, ivory is a prized possession with its stunning sculptured artifacts. Being rare and expensive, ivory carvings have always caught the imagination of art lovers. This fine material is responsive to fine cutting that enables intensely artistic expressions in a compressed manner. These valuable items are best suited for intimate environments of private decorations. They are collector’s items that complement décor from Baroque and Renaissance eras.

History of Ivory Sculpting:

Throughout the history, ivory sculpting has been appreciated for its smooth texture, fine grain, and soft luster. The history of this art goes back to the Stone Age when figurines were crafted from elephant tusks and animal bones. Sculpting played a significant role in the evolution of arts from ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

Over the millennia, this art has evolved with specialized tools that exploit natural properties of this delicate material. The Gothic period was the golden age for ivory carving. Later, African ivory was taken to Europe via international trade networks that expanded in the 10th Century.

In the late 15th Century, it was expanded to Asia by Portuguese explorers who traveled to the African west coast to establish trade relations. Items like Chinese and Japanese netsuke, ivory statues, and ivory boxes were commonly traded during the later centuries.

Growth of Ivory Sculpting In the 19th Century:

The art of ivory sculpting gained prominence over the centuries leading to an explosive growth in the 19th Century. There was an appalling impact of this trade on population of African elephants due to which it was banned globally. This led to massive use of mammoth ivory to make beautiful sculptures.

Mammoth fossils are millions of years old. They were found in Siberia from where they’re shipped to master craftsman in China and other parts of the world. There is a growing demand for mammoth carvings. Hence, we bring to you the best and rarest collection of ivory that’s worth its value.

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