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1924 Meissen Porcelain - Shepherd knitting with sheep
Shepherd knitting with sheep
Price: $2,490.00
19th Ce. Meissen Porcelain  Hand Painted Plate
Amazing 19th Ce. Meissen Clock 4 Seasons Cupids With Stand
Amazing 19th Ce. Meissen Clock With Cupid & Superb Cockerel Top
Antique 19th Century Meissen Figurine of Cupid as a philosopher
Antique 19th Century Meissen Figurine of Cupid physician
Antique 19th Century Meissen Figurine of Cupid Sharping Arrow
Antique 19th Century Meissen porcelain scientist group
Antique 19th Century of Meissen Porcelain - Three Garden Children
Antique 19th Century of Meissen Porcelain Figurine - Bowling lady
Bowling lady
Price: $6,900.00
Antique Meissen 18th century porcelain Figurine - Gardner Lady with Flowers Pot
Bone Carving Huge Tusks Bone Pair - Three Blood Brothers
Three Blood Brothers
Price: $9,900.00
Capodimonte Porcelain - Leonardo De vinci - Last Supper - Limited Addition
Carved  Mammoth Ivory Figurine - Three Star Gods Big
Three Star Gods Big
Price: $8,900.00
Carved Ivory Netsuke - Seven Lucky Gods
Seven Lucky Gods
Price: $7,500.00
Carved Mammoth Ivory Figurine - OLDMAN, CUTTLEFISH ON HIS SHOULDER
Carved Mammoth Ivory Figurine - Pair of Temple Lions
Carved Mammoth Ivory Figurine -Master on sedan chair
Master on sedan chair
Price: $10,500.00
Carved Mammoth Ivory Samurai
Carved Mammoth Ivory Samurai
Price: $3,490.00
Carved Mammoth Ivory tusk - Tweleve Zodiac Animals - 3D Big Tusk
Tweleve Zodiac Animals - 3D Big Tusk
Price: $15,000.00 $7,490.00
Carved wild animals in the Jungle on Big Mammoth Ivory tusk
Coral Sculpture - Woman & Birds
Woman & Birds
Price: $10,500.00
Galle Tip  Vase Landscape
Galle Tip Vase Landscape
Price: $550.00
Galle Tip  Vase Parrots on a tree
Galle Tip Floral Design -5563
Price: $550.00
Kiddush Cup - Israel 12 tribes Kiddush cups
Israel 12 tribes Kiddush cups
Price: $43,500.00
Mammoth Ivory  -  Buddha  on  an Elephent
Mammoth Ivory  - Huge SAMURAI Blowing the trumpet
Mammoth ivory 18 Louhan Monks set
Mammoth Ivory Carving - Seated Old Couple
Seated Old Couple
Price: $6,175.00
Mammoth Ivory Carving Big Tusk  - Fish Swimming in the sea
Fish Swimming in the sea
Price: $14,900.00
Mammoth Ivory Carvings Choko With bird, peach & Pomegranate
Mammoth Ivory Figurine - Crucified Jesus
Crucified Jesus
Price: $4,500.00 $2,900.00
Mammoth Ivory Figurine - Love
Price: $10,500.00
Mammoth Ivory Figurine -OLD MAN CARRYING ZODIAC
Price: $9,900.00
Mammoth Ivory Miniature Figurine - 8 Horses for Success
Mammoth Ivory Netsuke  - Riding On A Horse
Mammoth Ivory Netsuke -  12 zodiac animals set - Round Stand
Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - 12 zodiac netsukeis on wood bridge
Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - 2 Turtles Lifting a Frog on a Chair
Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - Horse inlayed with gemstones
Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - The 12 Zodiac animals on a Ball
Mammoth Ivory Netsuke -Set of  Eight Horses For Success
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Frogs Scene
Mammoth ivory Tusk - Running Horses
Running Horses
Price: $19,900.00
Mammoth Ivory Tusk 12 Zodiac Animals - 4201
Meissen Blanc de Chine Figure - Grooming Panther
Grooming Panther
Price: $1,550.00
Old Bone Carving - Aux Polling the 7 Lucky Gods
Old Bone Snuff Bottle -Japanese  Geisha  & Village View
Orange Glass With Golden  Decoration of 4 Cups & Decanter
Silver Art -  Russian Silver and crystal - Bowl- Faberge Design
Silver Art -  Russian Silver and crystal - center piece with onix
Silver Art - Huge  Floral  Silver & Crystal Center Piece - Faberge Design
Silver Art - Pair of  cylinder big Vases - Faberge Design
Silver Art - Pair of  Silver & Crystal Vases With Handles - Faberge Design
Silver Art - Pair of Silver Crystal  big Vases - Faberge Design
Silver Judaica & Enamel Painting Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur


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John Palmer, CA.

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Happy New Year - Year of the Horse 2014!

The Horse (seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac) in Chinese Feng Shui symbolizes perseverance, strength, loyalty, victory, power, independent, strong spirited, speed and success. It is believed that placing the Horse figurines in your home or workplace will strengthen and enhance all the good traits and characteristics it represents in family members born in the year of Horse. It is no surprise that you can almost always find paintings and sculptures of horses in Chinese homes and businesses.
In Feng Shui, the horses are usually classified into Tribute Horse and Victory Horse.

The tribute horse brings fame, recognition and triumph over competitors, ensuring your talents and hard work are acknowledged and rewarded.
Victory horses are shown galloping, running upwards signifying upward mobility and promotion, steady and speedy climb to fame and success in career and life.
Read all article about YEAR Of The Horse


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Mammoth ivory, Elephant Ivory - real or fake?

There is always a fear that the ivory sculpture that you bought might turn out to be a fake, because as a layman you may not be able to differentiate between a clever replicas and real ivory. However, with experience in this field and handling nearly all types of ivory, it becomes easy to differentiate just by seeing it.

Even though pure ivory can be of various quality and types, the fake ivory is made from resins. The powder that is left after sawing/carving ivory or remnants from bone sculptures are not wasted but all added to resins, put into molds.

Mammoth ivory tusk

The sculptures are then cleaned and then dipped in dark hued stains that give them the brownish tinge. There is always a difference in weight between a resin ivory and real ivory as real ivory is very heavy...Read all article about your Mammoth Ivory fake or real?

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