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Mammoth Ivory Carved Puzzle Ball - 15 Layers Ball - SOLD

Mammoth Ivory Carved Puzzle  Ball -  15 Layers Ball
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Mammoth Ivory Carved Puzzle Ball - 15 Layers Ball | SKU: 4548

Incredibly amazing and intricate Mammoth ivory Puzzle Ball. It has 15 separate and freely moving layers, each within the other. A fascinating and incredible piece of artistry and workmanship.
A lot of work goes into these detailed designs.
It comes on it's own teak display stand .

This Ball is made of 100% genuine Mammoth Ivory Tusk. The extinct woolly Mammoth roamed the earth before 10,000-40,000 years ago. Today we can found Mammoth ivory tusk in the arctic regions like Siberia in Russia.

Mammoth ivory Figurines are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Ball Diameter: 6 cm
Stand Height 6 cm, Width -6 cm

The BALL is turned on a lathe then conical holes are drilled towards 
the center. The MASTER CARVER has a set of "L" shaped tools the one with the 
longest upright has the shortest cutter and the one with the shortest 
upright has the longest cutter. Starting with the longest tool he 
lowers it to the narrow bottom of each hole in turn and rotates it to 
cut the innermost ball free. Then he gets the second tool which does 
not reach so far down the hole but can cut a wider arc and separates 
the second ball. He continues working from the innermost to outermost 
shell. For obvious reasons, usually only the outermost balls are 
elaborately carved. 

The outer layer is twice as thick as the inner layers. This is because 
the two outer layers are fused together. The reason for this is that 
the outer layer with the dueling dragons is carved so deeply that if it 
were free moving it would be too fragile and shatter, so it has to be 
fused to the 2nd layer to make it strong enough to avoid breaking. The 
very inner ball at the center is also counted as a layer making up the 
total number of layers. On the larger balls the center ball can have a ball within a ball (called the "marble") thus counting as two layers. Therefore counting the center ball and the 
other moveable layers will make up the total layers of the ball minus 
two layers, those remaining two layers are the ones fused together 
making up the outer shell.

For example - an 18 layer ball will have 16 moveable layers (including 
the center ball and its inside "marble") plus the 2 fused outer layers.

In Centimeters:
Width: 7.0 Cm,
In Inches:
Width: 3 In,

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Mammoth Ivory Carved Puzzle  Ball -  15 Layers Ball

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