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Silver Art - Silver Sterling - Antique silver bowl with blue glass

Silver Art - Silver Sterling - Antique silver bowl with blue glass
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Silver Art - Silver Sterling - Antique silver bowl with blue glass | SKU: 1174

Victorian touch sterling silver bowl with beautiful blue glass!
The intricately hand worked silver bowl with lattice work similar to filigree!
The blue glass bowl inside adds charm to the exquisite designs crafted in silver. Look at the tiny rosebud patterns, traditional curves and lattices cutwork done with extreme care! The vase shaped bowl is magnificent and you can use it as a flower vase too! The precise cut and superb workmanship lends a charm to this exquisite bowl. Look at the finely craved and etched floral motifs delicately interwoven with lattice designs! Unique, marvelous and high quality workmanship!
100% sterling silver and completely crafted by hand!

In Centimeters:
Width: 30.0 Cm, Height: 33.0 Cm , Length: 25.0 Cm
In Inches:
Width: 12 In, Height: 13 In , Length: 10 In
Weight: 3.12 Kg

Silver Art - Silver Sterling - Antique silver bowl with blue glass
Silver Art - Silver Sterling - Antique silver bowl with blue glass

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